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October 29, 2012
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Mid Autumn Festival by yingmakes Mid Autumn Festival by yingmakes
My Memory
My chosen Autumn memory is the when my family and I were over in China for the Mid Autumn Festival.
Admittedly I love all the Chinese festivals, however the Mid Autumn one is something special. With the trees in Autumn colours, and the weather just a little chilly, it's a great holiday!

The diorama depicts my family and I sitting at a picnic table with food, and right in the middle (though closer to me, haha), are some Moon Cakes ([link]) on a plate. Moon Cakes are one of the traditional Mid Autumn foods and I have to say, it's one of my favourite parts of the holiday, haha. I am the girl in the purple jacket!

I hope I captured the festival feel! I love going to night time festivals as it's dark and chilly but there are people and food everywhere, and the atmosphere is amazing. In the diorama there are people all around my family buying food, eating food, looking at stalls... and I did my best to make it seem like it was night time (because that's the best time to be at a festival!).

Hope you enjoy!!

About the Mid-Autumn Festival
Not sure if many people know about the Mid Autumn Festival, but it's one of the biggest Chinese festivals. There's a legend surrounding the festival to do with the moon and the "moon lady" Chang Er ([link]) and her moon bunny, which I tried to incorporate into the diorama by putting a bunny like shape into the moon and also putting a bunny pounding a mortar and pestle in one of the stalls. Next to it is a stall selling moon cakes.

Construction Comments:
I spent so much time on this thing. A few hours every day after university, and weekends too. I made it all myself! Sans the leaves I used a shaped hole punch but I still had to paint all of them. Although, I reckon I could have halved that time if I wasn't watching shows while I did it.

This was pretty painful to make, but at the same time really fun. I rarely make original content (especially to this scale) so it was really refreshing.

My friends gave me advice whenever I asked for it, and I'd like to think this diorama is so much better for that.

Construction Details: The box measures 23cm high x 23cm deep x 32cm wide.

Materials I used include Paper Magiclay (makes the whole thing very light, and it air dried so it was good), wire, foil, newspaper and sticky tape. I painted most of it using acrylic paints, but I had a spray can of enamel paint for the stalls. I also had a gold paint pen to help me with the lanterns. I also used a LOT of this clear craft glue to make it all stick together, I think I'll need a new bottle of glue.. xD

I made this within a shoebox, the added height is due to extra cardboard.

My brother generously let me use his camera for this (then again, I've been using his camera for most of my recent uploads). I don't know anything about the settings as he set them himself and then gave me the camera to use.

You can see some WIP shots here: [link]
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WHOA! This is awesome!!! :O
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You could give it to me. :D Jk. Hmm... Put it on your nightstand! Or dresser! If you even HAVE a nightstand or dresser. I guess I kinda assumed you do.
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This so pretty . You deserve to win :aww:
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